Determine an image for a random John Cage Indeterminancy #YSdaily11


Use the web site that yields a random excerpt from John Cage’s Indeterminacy: New Aspect of Form in Instrumental and Electronic Music and see if you can find or take a photo to represent a selection that appeals to you.

This is probably best done in a blog post so you can share the link to the excerpt you selected (if you right/control click on the number on the top left, you can copy a link to the excerpt). You can copy the text (maybe put it in blockquote text) or use a screen shot, and also include the image you found to go with the selection. Be sure to provide credit for where you found the image.

Learn more about John Cage

Thanks to Brian Scrivener for cluing me into the John Cage site.

Tweet a link for your response to @youshow15 and be sure to include the hashtag #YSdaily11

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